Version 0.9

  • Adds support for processing Gurobi solution files
  • Better handling of datatypes when converting datapackages
  • Fixing bugs on Windows where empty lines were written out during conversion to datapackage

Version 0.8

  • Behind-the-scenes reorganisation of code to use ReadStrategies and WriteStrategies pattern. This enables much cleaner structuring of the code and more reusability of modular blocks.
  • Updates to documentation with clearer explaination of how to perform conversions
  • Otoole now requires Python 3.7 or later
  • Harmonisation of results and pre-processing using the strategies mentioned above
  • Bugfixes for #61, #63, #65, #70

Version 0.7

  • Adds results processing and conversion of results
  • CBC results are transformed into a folder of CSV files
  • Missing intermediate results parameters are automatically generated
  • Adds command otoole results cbc csv simplicity.sol ./results --input_datafile simplicity.txt
  • Removes dependency upon PuLP now that amply is available separately on PyPi
  • Fixed bug with parameter names >31 characters in converting to Excel and fixed round trip
  • Added conversions from Excel to datafile and datapackage to avoid intermediate commands so otoole convert excel datapackage <> <> and otoole convert excel datafile <> <> are both now legal

Version 0.6

  • Fixes bug in writing to datafile where any values that matched the default were ignored
  • Adds CLI command to convert to Excel from datapackage e.g. otoole convert datapackage excel <datapackage.json> <to.xlsx>
  • Uses black code style and uses mypy and black for syntax checking and formatting

Version 0.5

  • Add validation of names and fuels in datapackage - Adds validate command to the command-line interface - Define a validation config as a YAML file for names

Version 0.4

  • Tidy up the command line interface
  • Convert to/from SQLite database from/to datapackage
  • Remove rotten pygraphviz dependency

Version 0.3

  • Create a Tabular Data Package from an OSeMOSYS datafile

Version 0.2

  • Visualise a reference energy system from a Tabular Data Package

Version 0.1

  • Add CPLEX to csv or CBC solution file conversion script
  • Create CSV files in a folder from an excel workbook
  • Create a Tabular Data Package from a folder of CSVs
  • Create an OSeMOSYS datafile from a Tabular Data Package
  • Adds a command line interface to access these tools