Welcome to the documentation of otoole!

Welcome to the documentation of otoole!#

otoole, or OSeMOSYS tools for energy work, is a Python package which provides a command-line interface and Python API for users of OSeMOSYS. The aim of the package is to provide commonly used pre- and post-processing steps when working with OSeMOSYS models. Specifically, otoole allows the user to convert between data formats, process solutions, and visualise the reference energy system.


Currently, otoole only supports the GNU MathProg version of OSeMOSYS. We hope to build support for other implementations of OSeMOSYS soon. In fact, this is one of the key aims of otoole - to better link the various OSeMOSYS communities and their implementations through common data standards and useful scripts and tools that we can work on together.


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